Ceremonial White Sage

Sage has been used for centuries for its undeniable healing properties. White Sage has a Higher Vibration, specifically used for its Spiritual & Healing properties. Used by Native Americans, White Sage was used to clear bad energy from people and objects by setting the intention and lighting Sage allowing the smoke to billow in its intended direction. With its antibacterial properties, White Sage can be used just to cleanse & purify the air.

•Directions: set the intention and purpose for your cleansing/clearing. Use your dominant hand to hold the Sage. Light the Sage and began to cleanse/clear the designated space in any fashion that resonates with you. Once completed say a prayer of gratitude for your offering. **Personal preference. Since Sage is specifically for cleansing/clearing, following up with a incense that welcomes positive vibes to reintroduce back into the space once it’s cleansed/cleared.