Cleansing & Clearing your spaces energetically is a must! Every once in awhile, the banishment of Energy is required. Whether it be unfavorable habits or energies, a banishment assists with its eradication!

•Use: Before lighting your Dragon’s Blood Smudge open a window in the space. Once you have a opened window say a prayer of intention, speak aloud what you wish to banish. Also ask for protection against opposing energies and yourself, family, possessions, etc. Next, light your Dragon’s Blood Smudge starting at the back of your space, firmly speaking aloud what you wish to banish. Ensure the smoke permeates throughout the space thoroughly. Once you have reached the front of the space and allowed the smoke to fill the space, declare that the banishment is complete! The FINAL STEP is important! Now that you have affirmed the banishment, you can use another smudge option to restore wanted Energy! We suggest Our Palo Santo or Majestic Incense Burner using Frankincense Resin, both invite uplifting energies.