Our HUNTER'S BREW Blend is a POWERFUL Blend of Roots and Herbs specially formulated for building immunity, adding vitality, and nerve regeneration. The main ingredient of Our HUNTER'S TEA is Reishi. Reishi has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine 4000 years ago to the present. Due to it's amazing properties the Chinese revere Reishi as the "Divine Mushroom." It's a PowerHouse for overall Wellness! We've also incorporated ElderBerry. Elderberry works to keep the Immune System strong and resilient, it also has properties to kill pathogens, and it's powerful enough to treat cold and flu! Last but not least of the main ingredients is Echinacea. Know for fighting flu, building immunity, and support new healthy cell growth, Echinacea completes the Herbal Trifecta of HUNTER'S BREW TONIC.