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We can change the Energy of Our spaces through Aromatherapy! Our Majestic Incense Burner was imported from India for the purpose of burning Resin on Charcoal. The design is a traditional Indian design and comes with a wood stand.
Medicinally, frankincense stimulates the airways, helping to relieve asthma, bronchitis, colds and flus. It also believed to help alleviate anxiety and depression. Frankincense has been used since biblical times as a gift and used for the purpose of promoting peace and positivity.

•This purchase comes with the 1 Incense Burner, 1 roll of Charcoal, and 3oz of Frankincense Resin.
•Directions - Light the igniting coal and let burn until the entire Charcoal is lit (it should look gray in color). Place your desired amount of resin on the hot coal.
**NOTE - the more Resin you burn the more smoke will be produced.

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