NETTLE POT [Herbal Nasal Steam]

Add your choice of Citrus or not, to Our Nasal Herbal Steam for Cleansing & Revitalizing! We created a Herbal Blend you can boil and to permeate the air of your home with it’s Natural Properties! This blend creates a humidifying effect once boiled! After bringing herbs to a boil turn down to medium/low temperature to simmer where the steam is still able to rise! And ENJOY! We've updated our Nasal Steam adding menthol crystal to support relief from stuffiness! Each packet is enough for 2 steams!
*Pour half of the contents of herbs and 1 Cinnamon Stick in the pot! Also you'll notice the properties of menthol creating a cooling affect. We're always looking for ways to improve. Wee hope you enjoy!