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Be Balanced's inception starts back in 2011 as a last resort to treating my son's asthma.  He was getting worse using the prescribed medications which included steroids.  At the suggestion of a Master Gardner, I sought out a herbal remedy to help my son with his symptoms.  Using specific herbs and roots that have lung strengthening properties, I saw an immediate improvement after 1 week of using the herbal remedy.  Due to the effectiveness of the herbal blend made for my son I began to assist close family members and friends find relief with their ailments through creating Herbal Teas.  So the journey began...

I have dedicated a great deal of time learning and understanding the properties of herbs and how they interact with other herbs as well as the side effects.  Be Balanced is a purposeful passion with one goal in mind... Holistic Health through the use of Herbal Teas & Tonics and effective Wellness modalities! 

Each Be Balanced Herbal Tea is created with Organic and Quality Herbs. Our knowledge of Herbal interaction allows us to create balanced Herbal Blends to enhance your Wellness journey!

DeLonya B.

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